Audience Comments

Thank you so much for a nice historical journey of highlights of Janis Joplins life. The props and theater presentaion was nice also your beautiful ,powerful voice. The band was the best- only thing better would have been more songs!

-- Tom

Sophie what a wonderful are such a lovely human being...thank you for gracing and rocking us in New Mexico..

-- K.B.

I went to Route 66 last night for the Highs and Lows of Janice Joplin and you were fantastic! Thanks for the great show! I loved it!

-- E.M.

Very original and creative concept. Sophie puts all her passion and energy into her portrayl of Janis Joplin.

I wish there were more shows playing here so I could recommend it to friends.

-- Jeff R.

What an amazing show! Sophie was Janis Joplin resurrected.

-- Gwen

Great job. The music, the costumes, everything took me back to the sixties. Sophie was a revelation

-- John